LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Coming To The Cartoon Network

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 09, 2013 10:28 AM EDT

LEGO Star Wars is set to make a comeback on the Cartoon Network with the upcoming The Yoda Chronicles, a brand new Star Wars story that will be told in three animated specials.

The Yoda Chronicles is set in the prequel era, and centers around Jedi Master Yoda and a fresh batch of Padawans who are looking out to stop Darth Sidious and his minions from creating a powerful super-weapon that could crush the Republic.

In The Phantom Clone, the first 30-minute special, under the orders of Darth Sidious, Count Dooku sets out to create the ultimate weapon for the Sith. It is now up to Yoda and the Padawans to prevent Dooku from carrying out his plan.

The special is set to introduce Jek 14, an all-new original clone character who has been improved by the Force. Michael Price, of The Simpsons fame, has been credited for writing the script, and it is produced by Threshold Animation.

The special also marks the first time that entirely new Star Wars characters and vehicles have been fashioned specifically for LEGO Star Wars, and building sets related to the special (also featuring Jek 14) will be available starting this August.

The Phantom Clone will premiere on Wednesday, May 29 at 8PM (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network. The second and third installments are scheduled to air later this year.

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