Nokia New Phone Release Date, Features & Update: Nokia To Release Android Phone Before End Of 2016?

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 09, 2016 10:41 PM EST

Nokia has been the cellphone pioneer for more than a decade before smartphones took the spotlight which led to its eviction from its throne. Surely, fans miss their old Nokia devices and the memories associated with it but as time went by, Nokia was no longer able to cope with life's increasing intricacies, which were met by other brands.

Rumors, however, say that fans might be seeing their favorite brand return to the market sooner than expected and that Nokia could be back to compete with current generation smartphones. Forbes reports that HMD Global Oy has licensed the pioneering brand name from the former Finnish powerhouse and is expected to be announcing a number of Android handsets before the year ends.

There are a lot of leaks but what could be the new styling has been revealed recently and it shows a prominent Nokia logo on a rear chassis plate where two cutouts can be seen. This design follows pretty much the standard for mid-range Android devices and would make it feel like it has some design cues of the iPhone 7 and gives off a minimalistic look.

While this return might get a lot of people excited, it is however important to note that this does not mean the full-blown return of Nokia. The acquisition of the license by HMD would offer Nokia input to the process but there will be no involvement in the day-to-day running of internal matters in the company. A post by Nokia Power User shows that like most other smartphone lines, the upcoming product line of Nokia will feature some high-end and midrange models.

These models, however, would not have very significant differences since the lower-end variants will be featuring a metal frame and polycarbonate back while the high-end ones will showcase an all-metal body. The upcoming Nokia Android phone will come in different colors including black, gold and white for the high-end variant and a fingerprint scanner which will not be available in the low-end variant. 

As for its hardware, it will be manufactured by a subsidiary of Foxconn called FIH Mobile and considering all other circumstances, it looks like an excellent choice. There would be no need to FMH to spend more on rebuilding Nokia's industrial efforts and distribution chain when there are loads of efficient options available right now.

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