‘Watch Dogs 2’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Hackers Coming Soon; Get to Know These Details Before they Arrive!

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Nov 09, 2016 05:55 PM EST

"Watch Dogs 2" is coming to the market and will be retailed worldwide soon. Since its predecessor was released a long time ago, this sequel offers many new features and modes that will excite the fans even more.

Since "Watch Dogs 2" is almost here, players should know something about the game to start the gameplay well. But since not much information is being revealed by its developer Ubisoft, then the details below should help a bit:

Plot and Location

Ubisoft chose San Francisco to be the location for "Watch Dogs 2." The story is centered on protagonist Marcus Holloway who took advantage of the central Operating System which connects everyone and everything.

Holloway is a hacker in "Watch Dogs 2" and he is facing conflicts as the ctOS system wrongly pointed to him as a criminal. He is fighting back because he would like to catch the people behind the frame-up and make them pay.


"Watch Dogs 2" is played from a third person perspective. Gamers play as Marcus Holloway and they go around the area by cars or on foot . As Marcus, players work with DedSec hacking group and their goal is to take down SF's ctOS.

Players complete missions in "Watch Dogs 2" and every time they succeed, the follower count of DedSec increases. Coop multi-player gameplay is also available and this is a platform for competitive one-on-one battle. Players fight to neutralize other players who are continuously causing havoc.

Release Date

Ubisoft is releasing the "Watch Dogs 2" PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions on Nov. 15 while the PC version is coming later on Nov. 29. There are reports that the PC edition is actually arriving on the same day as with the PS4 and Xbox versions, but this is unconfirmed until now.

Finally, the release dates given for "Watch Dogs 2" are worldwide schedules so players around the world can enjoy the game at the same time. Pre-orders for the game's Gold and Deluxe Editions for PS4 are available now but without the season pass.

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