Watch Dogs Set To Feature 60 Real-World Licensed Vehicles; Which Will You Drive?

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 10, 2013 09:00 AM EDT

Developers Ubisoft has more new details about the company’s upcoming open-world title Watch Dogs and the game will be featuring as many as 60 real-world, licensed cars. That’s a lot of cars, and the game isn’t even a racing title. Sound thrilling?

Managing director at Ubisoft Reflections, the other half of the team developing Watch Dogs alongside Ubisoft Romania, Pauline Jacquey, in an interview with VG247, talked about the kind and number of vehicles fans will see in the game. She also added details about the nature of in-game side-quests.

“All the art of the cars is ours, and we have 60 licensed cars so that was very important. There’s a lot of side missions and side-games that you can play on top of the main story. We did those, and they can evolve across online jobs or contracts, so we’re not in charge of the core of the game but lots of what you can do on top of it. We also populated the world with life and activities,” she states.

“You’ll see most of our work at E3,” Jacquey says when asked about the segments of the game that are being handled by Reflections specifically. “When you enter a building within the game – we’ve created it – so like a shop, pharmacy or any building you can enter.”

As far as the game’s realistic nature is concerned (given the game does offer a rather realistic portrayal of the near-future), Jacquey confirmed that believability is important, and so the company has to make sure that the in-game physics simulation is “absolutely perfect.”

“The quality of the capture and the performance of the actors cannot be exaggerated so we have much less room for exaggeration. You can’t play around too much with what you do in making it too abstract, but we do come across many challenges.”

Watch Dogs is currently set for a Nov. 19 release for North America and Nov. 22 release in Europe for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

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