'Dishonored 2' Latest News & Update: Graphics, Gameplay Review for Latest Bethesda Title; Resolutions & Frame Rate

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 10, 2016 07:36 PM EST

Now that "Dishonored 2" is available for those who made pre-orders, reviews both about the looks and gameplay are beginning to trickle in for Bethesda's newest offering.

What more could gamers expect from "Dishonored 2" but another blockbuster sequel? After all, it came from the ward of Bethesda Softworks, one of industry's top developer. We will dissect "Dishonored 2" first based on its graphics and secondly the content. So without much ado, here is the verdict.

Remember that "Dishonored 2" sports a revolutionary Void engine from Arkane in contrast to Unreal Engine 3 used by its predecessor. So taking into the highest possible preset, "Dishonored 2" is an eye candy to its very core. Gamers can expect what looks like a painting masterpiece from masters of old rather than ultra-crisp texture, PCGamesN reported.

"Dishonored 2" can run 4K at 60fps without any problem at all. This setting is safe even if it is going to eventually drop at 30 when cornered in melee and giving justice to adrenaline-pumping fights. What could be considered as safer approach though is running 1080p where frame rate can spike at 110fps and plateau on 75fps in its low.

Now going into the gameplay, this is a bit limited field considering that not so many delved too much playing time for "Dishonored 2" yet. IGN complained that new offering like the Clockwork Mansion is vertigo-ish experience. This is due to a setting intended for vertical approach where the character has to do a lot of leaping and running on rooftops. At any rate, Karnaca City looks radiant and lively in this title.

Be warned though, Karnaca looks heavily populated and it is easy to forget questing. Meaning, everything around feels like being transported into another era so it is easy to get carried away loitering around. This is potentially dangerous considering that "Dishonored 2" gameplay is supposed to be about stealth. So what are your thoughts? Feel free to post your "Dishonored 2" experience in comments below.

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