'Pokémon Go' Latest News & Update: "First Catch and First Spin Bonuses" and More Awaits You

By Dan Sellavarim , Updated Nov 10, 2016 07:32 AM EST

The newest "Pokémon Go" update will surely give the trainers the reason to keep coming back everyday. Niantic Lab and the Pokemon Company released a statement that for a limited time only, trainers will find more Pokémon almost everywhere and may take advantage of the "first catch of the day" and "first PokéStop spin" bonuses.

The game developers of "Pokémon Go" announced that starting November 7 to November 11, trainers will be rewarded with extra experience and Stardust for their first catch of the day. An additional XP and extra items will be given for the first visit and spin of the Photo Disc at the PokéStop. On top of that, PokéStop will also give out more Great Balls and for those that are level 20 and above, more Ultra Balls. Completing different tasks for seven days in a row yields even greater rewards.

It was previously reported that Niantic has made this exciting announcement that bonuses will be given to trainers for completing certain tasks on a daily basis. The first catch of the day earns the trainers 500 XP and 600 stardust. Trainers who continue to catch Pokemon for seven days straight will be rewarded with 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust.

Just like catching pocket monsters, hitting up a PokéStop  everyday and spinning the Photo Disc grants 500 XP and extra items to the trainers. Doing the tasks for seven days straight rewards the trainer with 2,000 XP and more chances of getting useful items such as Great Balls and Ultra Balls.  

In a report cited on Venturebeat, trainers can also track down the streak of days of their "first catch and the first PokéStop visit of the day". Niantic Lab also emphasized that trainers who caught a Pokemon and visited a Pokestop on Tuesday can again earn their daily bonus on Wednesday midnight local time.

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