Fort Defense For iOS Review: Tower Defense? But What’s New?

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 12, 2013 02:00 PM EDT

Fort Defense is the latest tower defense game from 8Floor LTD, and the newest entry in the over-satured tower defense genre.

The game, according to its official page, offers “an uncompromising struggle repelling freebooters' assaults. Watch out, the enemy may catch the tide for ruining your fortress. Build towers, collect crystals, upgrade spells and believe in your victory!”

But then again, it’s just another tower defense game with a new skin on it.

While players get on with the usual business of defending forts, the only real deal with the game is the fact that instead of the usual ground-based combat, the conflict here takes place on the high seas. As players will find out, their forts are continuously under pressure from different enemies with different modes of attack and features (ranging from hull thickness to blazing speeds).

Not to worry, though. The player will have access to a number of special turrets that take the forms of crossbow, cannon, and even missile post – all of which can be deployed against the enemy onslaught. However, each map only has a limited number of locations to place the weapons, and players will need to think carefully about the best place to put the turrets.

Players will also need to keep a lookout for “boss” vessels that pose a threat to the forts. These are huge boats that have an amazing resistance power and can take massive amounts of damage.

While all this sounds exciting, the gameplay becomes repetitive as the levels go on. Most players won’t even stick around that long to see the game conclude due to its repetitive nature.

However, just because it’s a normal tower defense game with a new skin, doesn’t mean it’s not worth the time. But there will be slight feeling that will creep into the players’ minds that the developers could have done so much more with the game.

Fort Defense is currently available for $2.99.

Check out the trailer below

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