‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Ultimate Guide to Achieve Victory in All Categories of ‘Civilization VI’! More Game Hacks, Gameplay Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 10, 2016 08:42 AM EST

"Civilization 6" has grown to be one of the most successful 4X video game out in the market today. With this, we have made a guide on how to ensure victory in four departments of "Civilization 6."


First up is to achieve victory by Domination. To achieve victory in this field, players of "Civilization 6" must be able to capture all the capital cities in the enemies' civs. These adversaries could be either other players or against the AI.

Military strength is a huge factor in order for the enemies to concede to the militancy in "Civilization 6." The best choice here is Tomyris of Scythia. His units have +5 combat power and heals up to 50 points once the other units have been eliminated.


The second field to dominate in is Culture. The best option for "Civilization 6" in this area is the Greece civ. Also, stealing or spying on other civs will effectively weaken their tourism industry along with the sabotage. As horrendous as it may be, this act gives the players an edge over the opponents. Building Theater Spaces and the Eiffel Tower will then add +2 to each tile in the capital. Broadcast Centers, amphitheaters, and museums are also the most efficient ways to develop culture in "Civilization 6."


The third area to reign in "Civilization 6" is in Religion. India's Gandhi is the best choice in this department. Spreading the player's religion across the entire map and converting subjects from other civs up to half of their population will certainly give any player a religious advantage.


Sometimes overlooked, Science is the last category players could master in "Civilization 6." Exploring space is one of the best ways to excel in this field. Players could then build orbiting satellites, land on the moon, and eventually colonize Mars. The Russian and United States civs both excel in this category.

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