'Dark Souls 3' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: It's Okay To Beat The Game By Summoning!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 10, 2016 05:24 PM EST

It's no secret that the "Dark Souls" series is ridiculously hard, and the latest (and last) game in the franchise, "Dark Souls 3," isn't any different. A common sight with people playing the game is the death screen, and it becomes a badge of honor among players to actually beat it without resorting to what are considered cheap tactics.

However, sometimes it is just not fun to die over and over. A video game is supposed to be, above all, a fun endeavor, and if you don't find fun dying repeatedly and being too challenged for your skill level, then what's the point? "Dark Souls 3" isn't getting fun because it's too difficult; fun comes from the idea of the proper amount of challenge.

One way of playing "Dark Souls 3" that most "hardcore" players frown upon is summoning. For those who aren't familiar with it, it's the act of summoning minions and monsters to help you fight battles. Jordan Forward of PC Games N confesses in an editorial that he mostly summoned to beat boss fights. Most players would rather savor the victory of fighting hard by themselves.

It's certainly not an illegal strategy; if it were, then "Dark Souls 3" would never have had such a mechanic. It's just a different way to play the game, and there's no point in judging someone for the way they choose to enjoy it. There are those who choose to breeze through the difficult gameplay because they want to progress, but there are those like Faraaz Khan who, Polygon reports, want to have the extra challenge. Both ways are fine.

In any case, "Dark Souls 3" would be the last time anyone encounters a hard game like this for a while. It's reported to be the last "Dark Souls" game in the series.

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