'Uncharted 4' News & Updates: New Patch Adds PS4 Pro Support & More Features! Find Out Here!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 10, 2016 05:34 PM EST

If you're a huge "Uncharted 4" fan and you're planning to get a PlayStation 4 Pro in order to get sweet 4K graphics, you're in luck. Naughty Dog recently released a new patch that gives the game 4K capabilities, much like other games that are out right now. If you missed it, you can still fire up the game and get it, because it brings in a lot of good things.

The new "Uncharted 4" update not only adds 4K support for the PlayStation 4 Pro, but also allows the game to have beautiful HDR graphics. Not only that, but the audio has been bumped up as well, with the game also getting higher fidelity surround sound, reports Cinema Blend. This is certainly good news for anyone who picked up the PS4 Pro at yesterday's launch.

On top of sensory upgrades, "Uncharted 4" is also getting a new mode called Classic Mode. It's pretty much multiplayer team deathmatch, reports GameSpot. The mode is going live today on the PlayStation 4, and the gameplay focuses on not having as many items to use while you're off killing each other.

On a related note, the new update makes ranked mode, which is heading into its third season, a little stricter. You can no longer see who you're in a lobby with, and if you disconnect, the other players can choose to vote you out of "Uncharted 4."

There are a lot of new balance and stability fixes the new "Uncharted 4" patch makes to the game. In addition to that, it also introduces a huge sale on bundles, which will now be 70% off.

This whole gamut of new features in "Uncharted 4" should be more than enough to bring back players who left and satisfy those who stuck around, so good on Naughty Dog for their support. The PS4 Pro is out now for $400.

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