'Borderlands 3' vs 'Mafia 3': Newly Released 2K Game Selling Millions of Copies; Can 'Borderlands' Do the Same?

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 11, 2016 07:43 AM EST

Released last month, "Mafia 3" is already promising to be one of 2K's best-selling game. It has sold millions of copies just after a month it became available to the public.

For its first week, "Mafia 3" reportedly sold than 4.5 million units (shipped copies and digital purchases). It did not only make a record-breaking sale but also surpassed the performance of other 2K games like "NBA 2K" and Borderlands.

With its positive reviews, gamers are curious how this game is compared to the upcoming "Borderlands 3" title. Here is how the two titles look when placed beside each other.

Game setting

"Mafia 3" happens in New Bordeaux in 1968, a few years after Lincoln Clay's battles in Vietnam. The Italian Mafia managed to get rid of his entire family and the main character of the game comes back and devices a revenge plan to take down his enemies.

On the other hand, "Borderlands 3" was earlier reported to be heading to Promethea, the place where alien technology was first found in the game. The living conditions in this planet are expected to be harsh but players are still expecting that the next instalment will happen in different planets.


When it came out last October 6, "Mafia 3" featured more challenging fights including gun battles and hand-to-hand fighting. Unlocking achievements and passing through its stage of the game becomes easier for players determined to get more points.

Fans of "Borderlands 3" are hoping that the upcoming title will introduce more characters aside from the existing ones in the game. Players also want to be able to create their own Vault Hunters with the new instalment.

Release date

"Mafia 3" is already out and has received positive reviews from gamers. Meanwhile, fans of "Borderlands 3" are still awaiting official word from Gearbox on the release date of the game. Many are expecting that it could come out by 2018.

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