‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Title Will Be Revealed November 2017? Will Coincide With ‘Star Wars 8’ Launch?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 11, 2016 07:52 AM EST

Ever since the coming of "Star Wars Battlefront 2" was announced, fans have been eager to know the sequel's gameplay, features and more. However, the game's developer EA hasn't confirmed anything yet, aside from being under development, but anticipations and assumptions are quickly swirling.

The game enthusiasts are now anticipating "Star Wars Battlefront 2" to come in 2017 as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that it is coming "a year from now," Polygon reported. Hence, it is expected to come in the summer of 2017.

PCGamer, on the other hand, predicts that "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will be released in November 2017, in time before the Holidays. By this, it is expected that game enthusiasts are more inclined to purchase new games.

Also, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" is expected to go head-to-head with other famous titles, like "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" and "Battlefield 1." Aside from that, the game might keep up with the release of "Star Wars 8" in December of the said year to coincide with its fame.

Meanwhile, Jorgensen even teased that "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will have "bigger and better worlds" that players will surely enjoy. The title, too, is set to use some of the content from the original "Star Wars" movies that will give more epic space opera experience.

Hence, gamers can expect a change in "Star Wars Battlefront 2" environment and solo campaign compared to its predecessor, "Star Wars Battlefront." As EA Dice was praised for what it did with "Battlefield 1," many were expecting to see the same level of game quality in the coming "Star Wars Battlefront 2."

"We're working very hard on making sure that it's an extremely deep and engaging offering," Jorgensen said. The game enthusiasts have to wait for other "Star Wars Battlefront 2" details in the coming days for more confirmation. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Star Wars Battlefront 2" news and updates!

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