'Halo Wars 2' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: New Story, Game Mode Unveiled; New Characters Revealed!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 11, 2016 08:22 AM EST

Last year, Microsoft along with game developers and creators announced at Gamescom that "Halo Wars 2" is coming to Xbox One and PC this 2016. This game was originality made by Ensemble Studios launched in 2009. The upcoming game installment will be released with some bonuses such as new story and new mode!

New Story & Mode Unveiled For 'Halo Wars 2!'

In a recent report, 343 Industries, an American video game developer, spilled a footage that shows a new story and a new mode of "Halo Wars 2" for its real-time strategy. The whole production basically revealed what's the first mission, for single player mode, is all about.

The first "Halo Wars 2" single-player campaign story is regarding the whole United Nations Security Council's team that is in deep sleep for almost 28 years. The crew woke up in an unknown place. This new gameplay comes off after "Halo 5: Guardians" events.

The executive producer, Dan Ayoub, spilled in a recent report that "Halo Wars 2" has a new mode that definitely offers unique yet modernized way of playing RTS game. The new campaign is said to be different from all other real-time strategy games.

It was tagged by the genius producer that the new mission of "Halo Wars 2" took the standard real-time strategy game to the next level. He added that this campaign can be played in short period of time; shorter than the usual.

New Characters For 'Halo Wars 2' Revealed!

"Halo Wars 2" presents new heroes! Game Spot noted that Kevin Grace, design director of 343 Industries, said that at that time, they still do not know which of the characters from the first installment, "Halo Wars," will make it and be added to the latest.

Hence, it has been cited in a recent report that Cutter and Anders, both characters from "Halo Wars," were seen in the spilled footage. Characters, however, both look different. These heroes were designed uniquely based on "Halo Wars 2" casting and technicalities.

Meanwhile, players will be meeting a new villain in "Halo Wars 2." He is Atriox. He is tagged to be very intimidating captain of a crazy and selfish team called The Banished. This group brings brutal battles with classic war weapons.

Microsoft confirmed the release date of "Halo Wars 2" is on February 21, 2017. But, players can now pre-order that title which is available in different online game stores like Xbox Store.

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