Pokemon Go Latest News & Update: The Upcoming New Set Of Pokemon Gen

By Nitz M. , Updated Nov 11, 2016 05:49 AM EST

100 new "Pokemon Go" are already infused into the game that includes its evolution along with the existing elements that remains to be collected. As time goes by this online game has always been consistent of adding new features on the expansion of the said game.

"Pokemon Go" Is an online game in which the iPon and Android device offered to their costumer. And now they're opening their new set of Pokemon Gen 2 from silver/gold phase. Lot of their avid fan players already filled their Pokedex.

According to Forbes "Pokemon Go"had been one of the top groosing app of the past, they could now imagine how this new "Pokemon Gen" would still bring them as the top grosser app. But, the question has not yet been answered on how this data was discovered. As the game continued they still and keep on struggling on how to implement the mechanic of their transformation or when these characters would evolve.

As the Niantic explained, the players will now have a surefire chance to grab the opposing gym after they defeated its trainer. Polygon stated in all means that they have no longer fear any scheming stranger who would claimed to be a new trainer once you defeated the leader on the "Pokemon Go" battle.

As players continue the game they would earn less clout upon training against the gym that belongs to their team. Changes are meant to encourage players which is not competitive to check out gyms and offer more challenging game.

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