'The Last of Us 2' Release Date, News & Update: What We Know So Far On The Naughty Dog Game

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 11, 2016 08:24 AM EST

Recent reports show that Naughty Dog will be developing "The Last of Us 2" but the game's release will have a long development period. Other than that, Naughty Dog creative director, Neil Druckmann admitted "The Last of Us 2" will have a new set of characters and will not be featuring Ellie and Joel for the upcoming post-zombie apocalypse game.

'The Last of Us 2' Predictions

"The Last of Us 2" game developers, Naughty Dog have been busy lately with its side projects and developing the "Uncharted 4" expansion pack. But, Neil Druckmann admitted the team will start developing "The Last of Us 2" once "Uncharted 4" DLC will be done.

However, previous reports tells us that "The Last of Us 2" will have a much longer time table in order for Naughty Dog to release the sequel. Druckmann said that "The Last of Us 2" will be released in 2021. The creative director did state that Naughty Dog developed "The Last of Us" for three years before its 2013 launch and became a major success on the PS3.

Meanwhile, Druckmann also revealed that Ellie and Joel will not be appearing in "The Last of Us 2" and the sequel will have a new cast of characters for its new storyline. Neil Druckmann may have also teased on Twitter about "The Last of Us 2" not featuring Ellie and Joel.

There are also other reports regarding "The Last of Us 2" will be released with a VR system and a 4K video display if the game title will be launch in the said year. Maybe it may even be released for the PS4 Scorpio or for the PS5 in the near future.

With the success of the original "The Last of Us" title in 2013, can Naughty Dog beat its expectations and predicament from the game's fan base? For more "The Last of Us 2" news and updates stay tuned to Gamenguide!

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