Fallout 4: This Is Not The Announcement You Are Looking For

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 14, 2013 04:20 PM EDT

There was a little bit of excitement caused by Bethesda's decision today to add an old Fallout 3 trailer to their list of videos on their YouTube channel. Are they letting us know an announcement for a new Fallout game is on the way? Fallout 4 perhaps?

The video in question can be seen here, and found it's way to Bethesda's channel late last night, which is clearly unusual for a game that's 5 years old. Does Bethesda have something up their sleeve?

Well, no. Bethesda's not playing at some cloak and daggers game, they're just doing some routine maintenance.

Responding to a fan who asked a similar question, Bethesda VP Pete Hines says it was nothing more than a simple update: "No. Doing a required update to YouTube channel. While updating we noticed it wasn't up on the channel. Now it is."

What a drag.

Rumors of a new Fallout game have been dogging us since voice actor Erik Dellums, better known as Three Dog, DJ of the Capitol Wasteland, teased the idea on Twitter back in January. Then the company had to go and discuss projects, that when revealed, would make people "sit up and take notice." Again, we had our suspicions. And again, we were wrong. Nevertheless, we remain hopeful that there is a future for Fallout.

However, with the comapny still working on The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the recently announced The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein, it's fair enough to say that their attention is focused elsewhere at this point. But as the Fallout franchise certainly is a feather in their cap, the odds are good that we'll be seeing another game in due time.

But until such a time comes, at least there's the Legate Lanius fan film to keep us engorged in the Fallout universe.

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