Nintendo Latest News & Updates: NES Classic Edition Releases Today, Quickly Sells Out; Now Going for $200 Per Console

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 12, 2016 01:10 AM EST

Nintendo's first generation console that inspired the tech industry's development of portable home-entertainment systems is now a hot commodity. After yesterday's release, the first batch of the "The Nintendo Entertainment System" or commonly known to classic gamers as NES quickly sold out.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: More Units Coming In The Holidays

According to Gamespot, the surge and demand for the old school console has prompted Nintendo to manufacture more units in preparation for the Holidays. The reason for the current commotion has baffled game experts and the unit might be primed as the best selling console for the Holiday Season.

Despite having 2d graphics and a few bits of color, the NES system has gained much notoriety as a collection piece; the console is famous for titles like Super Mario and Punch Out to name a few. Since the NES is currently not available to the market, the uncertainty of not having to avail one has pushed some resellers to price the console at a higher value.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition: Now On Ebay, Amazon For As Much As $250

Listings of the NES in Amazon and Ebay have been sold for as much as $200, some even reaching a staggering amount of $250. According to Nintendo the current demand for the console is outpacing the supply and the prices may not drop until units arrive. A company spokesperson has ensured that a heavy supply of the console will be available in December and the following months.

But given the trend of some of Nintendo's previous smash-hits, the demand might still be too much to supply. A news article from the Toronto Sun featured disappointed fans of the NES console that demanded Nintendo to stop messing up with the consumers. Many are not happy of the recent events but still others are willing to avail the unit despite the 200% increase. For many others, it's not how the graphics look, most of the buyers of NES simply want a taste of nostalgia, Hopefully Nintendo would honor their word.

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