God of War: Ascension: Multiplayer Focused Primordial Weapons DLC Goes Live

By Prarthito Maity , Updated May 15, 2013 08:43 AM EDT

Sony has announced the release of the second God of War: Ascension multiplayer DLC called Primordial Weapons for the North America-based PlayStation Store.

The Primordial Weapons DLC is set to include an Armor of Typhon and the Mercenary Blade for the multiplayer mode, and both of them will be available for purchase on the U.S. PlayStation Store. The developer also states that the Chimeran Armor has now been made free for everyone, and this armor is best suited for the ones who focus on Elemental attacks, such as Zeus and Poseidon-aligned Warriors.

“A warrior would be wise to balance their lower health with an alternate piece of allegiance armor that raises health, or an item that provides temporary protection against attacks, such as the Cloak of Boreas or Aegis of Zeus,” the official page states.

Sony, at the same time, has also teased about what to expect further. The company states: “Our God of War Development Team here at @SonySantaMonica is working steadfastly on a wide array of additional multiplayer content, including new weapons (plus a powerful fourth weapon class) and armors, large and small maps, and a few other surprises. We’ll have more to share later this month.”

For those looking for single player content, in a game that is famous for it's single player content, it's best to wait for whenever the company makes another God of War game. As the company makes clear in the comments section of this announcement, the only DLC coming for God of War: Ascension is multiplayer focused. Aaron Kaufman, the game's community manager, writes in response to players asking for single player content, "As much as we’d love to explore single-player DLC, we do not have any plans at this stage that would make sense for the single-player campaign and where the story ends. We are going to continuing supporting with patches for critical issues."

God of War: Ascension was released back in March exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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