Motorola New Phones Latest News & Update: Leaked Roadmap For 2017 Shows Collaboration With Lenovo, Upcoming Smartphone Line! More Details

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 12, 2016 06:43 PM EST

After a long time outside the gadget spotlight, it looks like Moto is back and it has a lot of interesting things with its big return. First is that the company has shortened the named to "Moto" from "Motorola and reports say that a new line of smartphones in the Moto Z will be launched soon. Some people have reportedly accessed an internal Moto roadmap for this coming 2017 and it reveals all the names of the flagship smartphones that Moto will be releasing soon.

Motorola New Phones Update: Collaboration With Lenovo

VR Zone reports that most of the models that will be launched soon are going to be developed and designed by Lenovo; this leaves the 2017 Moto Z and Moto G to be the only ones completely designed by Moto. While very subtly, Moto has left a good impression for 201 with its Moto Z smartphone line, so tech junkies surely have high expectations on what they have to offer for the upcoming year. As most of these upcoming smartphones will be designed in cooperation with Lenovo, most would already know what to expect from the output.

It is not yet known how far-reaching exactly is this deal with Moto and Lenovo but some report say that Lenovo might be using the Moto brand on all its devices in the future. As of now, Lenovo uses its own name on its low-end devices while most of its flagship and high-end models make use of the Moto brand.

Motorola New Phones Update: Leaked Roadmap Hints At Third-Party ODM Models

Phone Arena reports that the deal could mean that Lenovo will be involved with design and development on the remaining projects for 2017. These include the Moto X and Moto M but the Moto E and Moto C will both include input from Lenovo; the leaked roadmap also reveals that a third-party ODM will also be included.

Since Lenovo and Moto are on the same team now, some questions still remain on how they will market their devices as they are still based in the same areas. Moto still holds their original office in Downtown Chicago and Lenovo still remains in China where it has been based for a long time already. How everything in this latest venture turns out remains to be seen; although there really is a lot to look forward to with two tech giants collaborating.

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