Infamous: Gods Among Us: Joker Gets Three New Skins in 'Killing Joke' Pack

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 15, 2013 04:26 PM EDT

Downloadable costumes for fighting games are the norm these days, but its very rare that a single character gets a costume pack dedicated to them.

Then again, few characters are as infamously iconic as The Joker.

NetherRealm Studios has been steadily rolling out downloadable content for Injustice: Gods Among Us ever since it launched last month, and their newly-revealed skin pack will be dedicated to the most dangerous prankster in all of the DC universe.

According to the official Injustice Facebook page, the upcoming "Killing Joke" pack will add three alternate skins for Mr. J, all based on classic DC storylines.

The first costume was shown off in Batgirl's reveal trailer last week, where the Joker was donning his famous tourist getup consisting of a hawaiian T-shirt and shorts.

The second look revealed by NetherRealm is "Final Confrontation" Joker, which has the character wearing his iconic purple jacket, green bowtie, and top hat.

The Injustice team revealed the final piece of the puzzle on Wednesday, announcing that "Red Hood" joker will be the third skin in the upcoming pack. This outfit is inspired by the Joker's days as the Red Hood, calling back to the early days of the character's history.

The "Killing Joke" pack is just one of many pieces of content available for Injustice. DC anti-hero Lobo is an add-on character, and Batgirl will likely hit the marketplace next week. The release of Lobo also coincided with the "Teen Titans" skin pack as well as a costume pack dedicated to Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman. Expect the "Killing Joke" pack to arrive around the same time as Batgirl, in addition to another new set of skins.

NetherRealm Studios seems to be going extra heavy with their fan service for Injustice, especially when the core game is already rich in built-in content. From throwback costumes to extra characters, there seems to be something for all types of players. Are you excited about these new comic-inspired additions to the game, or are you content with what's already on the disc?

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