'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Niantic Plans Already Coming Into Play? 2016 Analysis, Lapras in Japan & More!

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:00 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" apparently has some plans coming into fruition lately, while some are still looking to come forth soon enough. While there may still be some parts of the game that require rectification, the recent move that Niantic made may be leaning towards a more humanitarian approach.

The Halloween event and the Daily Bonus program have already done the game wonderfully in the past number of weeks, but now, Niantic seems to be taking the continuous programs to whole new level. It was said that "Pokemon Go" is spawning Lapras over at some areas in Japan for tourism purposes.

According to Forbes, "Pokemon Go" shows a little bit of compassion as they make the powerful Lapras available in the parts of Japan that were affected by the 2011 Tsunami. Such would be the Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture and the Iwate Prefecture coastlines, which will transpire all the way to November 23. This will ultimately offer an advantage to those already residing in the areas apparently, though tourists that happen to be nearby may also be able to smoothly get their hands around the popular creature.

Things were not always considerably easy for "Pokemon Go," and doing works like the aforementioned has not always been the case. An interview with Eurogamer divulged that the year was not at all pleasant as a whole, even to the point of sleeplessness to some. The company managed to pull itself up, however, as Mike Quigley stated, and from where they stand now, Niantic would want "Pokemon Go" to exist almost as long as "World of Warcraft" does.

While the talk of contents is affront, "Pokemon Go" could be pushing Generation 2 creatures sooner just as they would make the game a lot better, and one, in particular, seems to be getting the immense attention as reports state. This would be Tyranitar, who is anticipated to be one of the strongest to the surface and go up against the Generation 1 powerhouses like Dragonite, Exeggutor and the aforesaid Lapras. That being said, there is definitely more to be excited over with when it comes to Niantic's plans.

"Pokemon Go" is still considered as one of the most popular if not the most of the year. Keep posted for more news and updates here at GamenGuide.

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