Nvidia SHIELD Pops Up on 'Modern Family'

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 16, 2013 06:54 PM EDT

While Nvidia's SHIELD console won't be in the hands of gamers until June, it appears that little Luke Dunphy from ABC's Modern Family has already gotten his hands on the device.

According to Game Usagi, the character can be seen holding the SHIELD during a family road trip in an RV, as part of an episode that's appropriately titled "Games People Play."

Luke can often be spotted with his Nintendo 3DS on the show, so perhaps he was ready to upgrade to something powered by Android and capable of playing high-end PC games. 

Of course, Luke Dunphy isn't the first fictional television character with an affinity for video games. Everything from Silver Spoons to 7th Heaven has referenced video games in some form or another, and the entire core cast of CBS' hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory consists of devout comic book and gaming fans.

Even with video games such a standard part of mainstream media, it's still interesting to see a character playing a device that isn't even out yet. It's certainly smart marketing on Nvidia's part, as keen-eyed viewers have taken an interest in Luke's new console. 

Was little Luke smart to ditch his 3DS for Nvidia's upcoming hybrid device? Only time will tell. We recently divulged a slew of details on the new console, which will be available for pre-order on May 20th for its June release. Compatible with Steam, Google Play, and Nvidia's own TegraZone, the portable product could end up building a rather healthy game lineup if its supported by developers. And while the $350 price tag may seem steep for some, the SHIELD does encompass many features of a console, smartphone, and tablet all in one device.

Will the SHIELD be ultimately worth it in the end? Guess we'll have to see how long the Dunphy family holds on to theirs.

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