'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Anime Series Release Date, News & Updates: Ash First Alola Pokemon Revealed; Z-Moves Also Be Featured?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:18 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime series has announced that Ash Ketchum's new and first Pokemon in the Alola region is Rowlet. It will be revealed in an episode entitled "Enter Rowlet! I Got a Pokemon in Alola!!". The fourth episode features Rowlet as the grass type-owl Pokemon which players can select as their starter Pokemon in the Alola region.

According to WWG, Rowlet was a fan favorite during the time the grass type and the other starter Pokemon were first introduced. However fans were expecting Lutten as his initial Pokemon in the Alola region because of early teasers of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime series hinted a friendly conversation between Ash and the feline Pokemon, Lutten.

Ever since the beginning of Ash Ketchum's journey as a Pokemon trainer, he had to choose one starter Pokemon every time he enters a different region. In the 'Pokemon Sun and Moon" aniime series, Ash Ketchum, an English translation for his Japanese name (Satoshi), will be attending school with his friends and some new characters..

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime series will also feature Ash using the latest Z-Moves in a battle scene according to a report by The Anime News Network. The Z-Moves will also be features and used by the forthcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game.

Aside from the revelation of Ash's starter Pokemon, The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime series official website also confirmed that the singer Taiiku Okazaki will sing the closing credits song "Pose" for the series. Rica Matsumoto will be the voice of Ash Ketchum at the same time the singer for the opening sequence of the series called "Alola".

The series will aslo feature, Ikue Ohtani will be the voice of the voice of the most popular Pokemon, Pikachu which is the Ash's Pokemon side-kick since the anime series began. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" anime series will be airing in Japan starting November 17 and in the US a couple months after.

Aside from the animated series releasing this month, The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games will be released in Japan and North America on November 18 and November 23 in Europe. The game can be played through the Nintendo3DS where the players can choose their preferred language.

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