'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Major Plot Details Leak In Square Enix Game; Keyblade War Explained By Fan

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:58 PM EST

Since "Kingdom Hearts 3" was promised by Square Enix to be release in 2017, many fan theories about the role playing game have been spotted all over the web. There is one particular fan theory, which explains why there will be an upcoming Keyblade War in "Kingdom Hearts 3", which has caught our attention.

Fan Theory About The Next Keyblade War In 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

As reported from Christian Daily, a second Keyblade War is about to happen in "Kingdom Hearts 3" with the world govern by only one ruler. The Keyblade War in "Kingdom Hearts 3" will also be the final struggle between the Light and Dark.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature a mature Sora as the protagonist. She is yet again warped in the world of magic and wonder. As the game's main protagonist, Sora is chosen by the Keyblade and is assigned to gather all seven guardians of light in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Sora will be accompanied by Goofy, Donald, Riku and King Mickey in "Kingdom Hearts 3" to battle with the game's antagonist, Master Xehanort. "Kingdom Hearts 3" will also introduced new characters such as Elsa from "Frozen" and the cast of "Big Hero 6."

There are other reports that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will feature a dark Baymax or a heartless Baymax in the upcoming game. The rumored dark Baymax for "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been in the net for a while and Square Enix has already confirmed that dark Baymax will appear on "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Since "Kingdom Hearts" first release in 2002, Square Enix has already develop 14 game titles for the RPG game and "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be the 15 game installment in the Dark Seeker saga. There is no doubt that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be a great game in 2017 and fans will expect an excellent experience.

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