And Now, a Game About Men's Restroom Management: Men's Room Mayhem

By Luke Caulfield , Updated May 17, 2013 03:41 PM EDT

When you take a step back and really examine video games for what they are, you'll notice that they are truly odd indeed. A yellow disc complete with flapping mouth, gobbling down dots in a maze while being chased by ghosts. A plumber battles walking fungus to save a kidnapped princess from an anthropomorphic turtle king.

Even when you add a bit of seriousness to games, they can still come across pretty silly, which is exactly the case with Men's Room Mayhem, set to make its way to PS Vita, and a number of Apple and Android mobile devices.

Mayhem puts players in the humbling role of a janitor, responsible for patrons who must've had WAAY too much to eat and drink because it's up to you to to help them take care of "business." Players draw lines to ensure visitors...don't get ahead of me here...head to the right facility. Don't get them there in time, and you'll have a considerable worse mess on your hands than when you forget to send your Sim to the toilet. Screw up, and guess who's responsible for cleaning up the...ucgh..."mess?"

Games based around bodily functions have existed before; Boogerman...that's about all I can think of really, but it's still weird when a game throws the subject matter right in your face...figuratively speaking that is. Weird though it may be, it's still a very good reminder of why staying in school is so important.

Ripstone head Phil Gaskell describes the game as Flight Control meets Carry On At Your Convenience! Just, y'know, with poop and pee.

The game hits the PS Vita in the US on May 21st, and iPhone, iPad, and Android devices the following day, for $0.99 on the App Store, Google Play Store & the Amazon Appstore for Android. Not a bad price to clean up a men's bathroom, huh? 

Take a look at the pictures below to see what you'll be getting your hands dirty with.

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