‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: 100 New Pokemon Confirmed; Speed Limit Feature Expected To Be Lifted Soon! New Gameplay Details Revealed

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Nov 14, 2016 10:57 AM EST

Mobile game developer and publisher Niantic is said to be preparing to roll out a new update for its popular game "Pokemon Go." According to reports, mobile operating system iOS and Android will both get the update, which is reported to bring in new exciting features. Although the company has yet to provide the official details with regard to the development and release date of the patch, several reports have emerged suggesting that the upcoming "Pokemon Go" update will include 100 new Pokemon monsters.

Aside from these new creatures, "Pokemon Go" is also expected to have a different daily bonus system, which is going to improve the gaming experience. According to the report, the daily bonus system will give Pokemon trainers the opportunity to get bonuses and reward for each creature they catch. The same mechanics will also apply for every first Pokestop they visit every single day; however, the biggest bonus and reward will be given to players who opened the app every day for seven consecutive days.

According to a report by iDigitaltimes, the new "Pokemon Go" update will also change the rules about getting prestige points system. According to the report, prestige points that are lost when a rival Gym member is defeated will significantly increase; however, for players who train at a friendly gym will receive leaser Prestige points than usual. Aside from the amazing features, the new "Pokemon Go" update will also have bug fixes and provides balance to the game.

Meanwhile, in a report by Game N Guide, Niantic will soon cancel the new and controversial speed limit feature that has caused a lot of uproar from many fans across the world. According to the report, the system that Niantic uses in the feature failed to identify who are cheating and who go beyond the speed limit. Many fans certainly want to have the new feature lifted once the new "Pokemon Go" update arrives. Stay tuned for more news and updates about "Pokemon Go."

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