‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News & Update: Aside From ‘Transforming' Ditto, Other Critters May Have New Abilities; Find Out More Here!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 14, 2016 02:05 PM EST

Players are eager to see what “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 will have to offer and to date, the expected arrival of Ditto has been headlining the pack. While there is no timetable on when Niantic would roll out the new character, data miners have appended his coming with a special ability which is to transform.

The point here is that Ditto is practically the tip of the iceberg. There are more likely to join him as Niantic tries to stretch its roster of “Pokemon Go” characters. Before digging into who else could join Ditto, new abilities could be worth noting as well.

Thanks to the exploits of data miners, uncovered was one special ability which is to ‘transform’. It is believed that this is one of the key things that Ditto will be able to do since it is the pocket monster’s signature move, Neurogadget reported.

In a previous post, there were other legendary creatures expected to join Ditto on “Pokemon Go” gen 2. The list of speculated pocket monsters includes Mew, Mewtwo, Crobat, and Tyranitar where each is expected to come out with special abilities and animations.

The thing is that all of this lies on the codes for “Pokemon Go” gen 2 with their respective capabilities likely declared. Seeing how much codes there is to go through, it would be best to wait and see these things once Niantic officially rolls it out.

The belief is that “Pokemon Go” gen 2 will roll out somewhere in 2017. Some are hoping for an earlier release though the final say still falls at the hands of Niantic.

For now, all “Pokemon Go” players can do is be satisfied with the new features and generosity that has been given. After a short spell of handing out goodies, the best part right now is perhaps the increased spawns and the daily bonuses. Could there be more ahead before Christmas?

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