‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News & Update: Will Tyranitar Be A Game Changer For Niantic? Details Here!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 14, 2016 02:10 PM EST

With no word on when “Pokemon Go” gen 2 will come out, most are now left to ponder on the critters expected to expand the pocket monster roster. Ditto is, of course, leading the pack but a cool character in “Tyranitar” could make a big difference.

With so much new Pokemon to be expected, the attributes of Tyranitar should be something handy for the ones on the prowl for a reliable and defense-oriented “Pokemon Go” character. He is a dark-type of a character that is blessed with good defense, an advantage to players who frequently indulge in gym battles.

But aside from owning good defensive tactic, his offense is likewise something to behold. Tyranitar boasts of good attack strategy in organic form and stands to be a formidable opponent to other “Pokemon Go” critters like Snorlax, Dragonite, Laparas or even Slowbro.

However, there is one species that can give Tyranitar big problems. That “Pokemon Go” species is Vaporeon mainly because he is a rock-type according to Otakukart.

Looking through the monster chain of potential pocket monsters “Pokemon Go” players can consider deploy in gyms, Tyranitar is seen to have better chances if given players eventually plan to use him. But before going ahead of ourselves, the most important part is waiting and capturing the critter and then ponder on what to do next.

As mentioned previously here on GamenGuide, Tyranitar is a god-like Pokemon and considered among the legendaries. That list of course includes the likes of MewTwo, Ho-oH and Luglia.

Tyranitar can also reportedly have a max CP of 3653, way beyond the level of other powerful pocket monsters like Dragonite. The word out is that this “Pokemon Go” critter could come out as early as December, though it may still depend on when Niantic plans to roll out its new breed of Pokemon.

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