Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Specs & Features Review: Google Smart Speaker Catches Up

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 14, 2016 09:28 PM EST

Amazon and Google compete in the market through their Amazon Echo and Google home speakers. Comparison between the two is revealed to assist users what to choose.

Google has presented a device speaker intended and prepared for those who want to connect using a smart home. Through it, you can check the internet, listen to music or manage systems home automation. The company said during its conference in San Francisco that it will be released in the fall of 2016 but it already has a direct competitor: Amazon Echo. This is a well connected and intelligent speaker that allows many actions model of Google. Let us see what both speakers differ.

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Features: Comparison Of Specs Revealed

Both speakers are Eco Home and require a power connection cable. They have similar aspects and allows surfing the Internet. They also allow music from different platforms, add calendar appointments and even show a film.

Amazon Echo is constantly updated because it already has spent two years on the market. For the new Google device, it must wait for its release to see how we will be surprised in future updates.

Columbian said that Home is smarter in a few other ways because it taps what it knows about you. This includes information from Gmail, Maps and other Google services. It is also $50 cheaper, at about $130.

Amazon Eco Vs Google Home Update: Assistant Smarter Voice Revealed

One of the most features of Google Home is your choice of answering to voice commands. In the show presented at the conference, we could see how this speaker responded to the questions. The questions include how many stars are in the galaxy, or what the television program at the time.

However, Amazon Echo uses the Alexa assistant that may be more limited in responding to orders or requires greater precision when executing them. According to Google, its assistant has the ability to be more conversational than the others. Alexa, on the other hand, has made great improvements. It can even  a pizza or take control of smart bulbs in your home.

Amazon Echo Vs Google Home Features: Audio Support Chromecast

Google Home lets you play music from Chrome cast Audio or connect it to any TV if you have a Chrome cast Video Streamer. In fact, you can connect multiple devices at once, which will be able to mount an entire music party at your house.

According to Androidguys, Google Home is more expensive when putting up against the entire line of the Echo family. For its part, the different devices of Amazon Echo are not synchronized with each other. In this case, Google takes an advantage.

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