Xbox Reveal: What to Expect

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 20, 2013 12:26 PM EDT

The big reveal of Microsoft's next Xbox is only a day away, and gamers everywhere are clamoring in anticipation of what the event could possibly bring. In a year full of rumors, supposed leaks, and controversies surrounding Microsoft's console, all of the gaming world's questions will (hopefully) be answered. While we don't have Microsoft's floor plan for you, here are some things you can expect from Tuesday's media frenzy:

How the Next Xbox Will Stack up to PS4

This is potentially the most important part of Microsoft's entire presentation. Sony got a head start in the next-generation console wars by revealing the Playstation 4 back in February, and made a solid showing thanks to tech demos, exclusive games, and a variety of innovative social features. The next Xbox has to have the same kind of head-turning features, or it can risk feeling dated compared to Sony's offering. A variety of reports and rumors suggest that Xbox will finally have a Blu-Ray player in the vein of Playstation 3, so gamers will have to wait and see how else Microsoft will try to keep up and compete with their rival.

Exclusive Titles:

Exclusives are always game-changers when it comes to convincing players to buy a brand-new console. Sony has the likes of Shadow Fall and Beyond: Two Souls on their side, so Microsoft is likely planning some equally-exciting offerings. Whether revealed on Tuesday or at future events, future installments of powerhouse franchises such as Halo, Gears of War, and Forza are all but certain. However, Microsoft will need more than just their guaranteed first-party sequels to make a splash.

Kinect, Apps and The Overall Experience

Even if all you want to hear about is games, expect Microsoft to focus heavily on Kinect and whatever new app funcionality is coming to the next Xbox. The company surely has some sort of Kinect 2.0 up their sleeves, and could be revealing new motion-controlled titles to go with it. The Xbox 360 app library has been growing tremendously as of late, with everything from CW to Twitch available for user streaming. Microsoft might be looking to reveal new apps and partnerships for the next generation, as well as whatever functionality they plan on integrating among Xbox, Surface and Windows phones. We recently reported on the extinction of Microsoft Points in favor of universal gift cards, so expect all Microsoft devices to work together more than ever.

Always Online, Sometimes

Remember the media nightmare surrounding the possibility of an always-online Xbox. Microsoft is surely looking to clear up this conundrum for fans, and CNet previously reported that the console is likely to have offline functionality. Expect Microsoft to have plenty to talk about when the system actually is online, especially with Xbox Live having just passed its 10 year anniversary. 

No More Rumors, Just Reveals

With about 24 hours left until the big announcement, all Xbox fans can do at this point is wait patiently. While certain reveals on Tuesday will likely be no-brainers, here's to hoping the Xbox Reveal ends up being a pleasant suprise for those on all sides of the console wars. 

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