‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Conan O’Brien & Elijah Wood Provide Comic Relief; 15 Goodies Revealed! More DLC?

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Nov 15, 2016 09:48 AM EST

In a comic twist that left viewers of Conan O'Brien's "Clueless Gamer" and creators of "Final Fantasy XV" in fits of laughter, O'Brien and actor Elijah Wood (clueless that the game creators are sitting outside and watching them), expressed their distaste and disappointment over the game. O'Brien even called it an "Epic ... Waste of Time."

In the latest episode of "Clueless Gamer," O'Brien teamed up with Wood to play "Final Fantasy XV." O'Brien, after shopping for wedding dresses, pushing cars around the desert, fighting a short battle with a monster and riding chocobo, called it the worst game he has ever played, writes Forbes.

Wood chose to play safe though he talked about the tedious nature of role-playing games that require players to simply walk around and talk to people. After such immense criticisms of "Final Fantasy XV," the two realized that the game's creators are sitting right outside and watching them play and talk. It was one hilarious moment that's hard to forget. Check out the video here.

"Final Fantasy XV" is expected to be released on Nov. 29 on PS4 and Xbox One. The gae has een developed by Square Enix Holdings, XPEC Entertainment and HexaDrive. As per reports, the game is packed with 15 kinds of pre-order content that avid gamers are sure to enjoy. In fact, Cinema Blend reported that the game has too many pre-order bonus options.

The 15 goodies for the "Final Fantasy XV" pre-ordered items include Angler Set, Camera Kit, Gourmand Set, Recolor: Platinum Leviathan, Recolor: Cindymobile, Recolor: Gold Chocobo, Recolor: 16-Bit Buddies, the Big Bang Theme, XboxOne FFXV Avatars, Costume Royal Raiment, Blazefire Saber (FFXIII), A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV, Weapon: Gae Bolg (FFXIV), Weapon: Mage Mashers (FFIX) and Weapon: Masamune (FFXV).  Stay tuned on GameNGuide for more updates on "Final Fantasy XV."

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