[XBOX ONE REVEAL] Xbox One to Receive Full EA Sports Lineup Within One Year

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 21, 2013 03:47 PM EDT

Now that the dust has settled on Tuesday's hour-long Xbox Reveal event, it's time to mentally sift through the power quotes and Kinect commands prevalent in today's show and remember that there were a few games shown off. While Microsoft made it clear that they would concentrate on hardware while saving games for E3, sports fanatics already have some software to look forward to.

EA Sports' Andrew Wilson took to the stage in the latter half on the show to announce that the mega-publisher has been working very closely with Microsoft for Xbox One. In order to promote EA's realistic new "Ignite" engine, Wilson played a flashy promo featuring interviews with UFC Champion Jon Jones, Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III, and a slew of other top atheles. 

"EA Sports ignite is designed specifically to blur the line between real and virtual," said Wilson.

EA announced that Xbox One will be receiving the obvious yearly updates of Madden and FIFA, as well as the newly-resurrected NBA Live and a game based on the UFC franchise, which EA gained rights to last year. Wilson played some footage of every game announced, though it wasn't made clear whether the crisp videos were pre-rendered cutscenes or actual in-game engines being put to work. If the Xbox One is as powerful as promised, here's to hoping for the latter.

All of the announced titles are scheduled to release for Xbox One over the "next 12 months," so its likely at least Madden and FIFA will drop later this year alongside the console itself. While the reveal of these annual sports games aren't much of a surprise, NBA and UFC fans at least have new games based on their respective sports to look forward to. As expected, those who pick up Madden and FIFA every year will be able to extend their devotion to the next-generation.

What do you think of EA Sports' next-gen offerings so far? 

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