Jor-El Takes The Spotlight In Latest Man of Steel Poster

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 22, 2013 07:51 PM EDT

Warner Bros' Man of Steel is only a few short weeks away, and the buzz building for Superman's new adventure is enough to move the planet of Krypton. And while Henry Cavill's version of the Man of Steel is a hot topic right now, the film's latest poster places Superman's dad in center stage.

Newsarama dished out this full-size poster for the June 14 film, which shows off the Oscar-winning Russell Crowe donning the suit of Jor-El, Superman's biological father from Krypton. Crowe's costume is appropriately otherwordlly, as he is seen wearing the cape and "S" symbol that are iconic to Superman, though with a more rigid exterior that is suited for a hero coming from beyond Earth.

In the comic world, Jor-El is the one responsible for sending Superman to Earth just before Krypton is destroyed. Fans looking to learn more about the Man of Steel's daddy will likely learn a good deal from Crowe's portrayal of him.

Crowe seems to have a ton of faith in his on-screen son, as he posted the following tweet regarding Henry Cavill:

If the new, extra-intense trailer for Man of Steel hasn't sold you on the film yet, maybe Crowe's stamp of approval will. The veteran actor is definitely no stranger to the world of high action, as he is best known as playing the hero of Gladiator in 2000 as well as taking on the role of Robin Hood in 2010.

Man of Steel hits theatres on June 14. If you haven't seen it yet, below is the fourth trailer released for the film, titled "Fate of Your Planet." You know you want to see all of those explosions again.

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