Xbox 'Scorpio': Release Date, News & Update: Execs Promise The True 4k Experience. Will This Be The Ultimate Gaming Console?

By Glen Quilat , Updated Nov 16, 2016 05:27 AM EST

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's head Xbox, stated during the Xbox FanFest in Mexico City that Xbox "Scorpio" of "Project Scorpio" will be the true 4K in the gaming console world. It will feature the most incredible visuals. Xbox "Scorpio" will bring features and capabilities that have never been seen on any console before.

He further said that people have spent thousands of dollars on high-end PCs to get the incredible experience. They will bring that whole new level of experience to the gamers' living rooms into the scale of consoles through Xbox "Scorpio." Greenberg also confirmed that all of Microsoft's first-party games will run at native 4K in Xbox "Scorpio."

The pricing for the unit has not been announced. Microsoft repeatedly mentioned that Xbox "Scorpio" is a premium device. Sony has launched "PS4 Pro" on November 10 and is priced at $400. Microsoft also mentioned that the Xbox "Scorpio" will be more powerful than the Ps4 Pro. With those comparisons, we can conclude that Xbox "Scorpio" definitely won't be cheap.

Microsoft Studios GM, Shannon Loftis, assures that any game they are making during the Xbox "Scorpio" time frame can natively render at 4k. Mike Ybarra, Xbox engineering lead, also recently confirmed Xbox "Scorpio's" backwards compatibility with any Xbox system including Xbox 360 and Xbox One. They further added that there wouldn't be any Xbox "Scorpio" exclusive games. There is an exception though for virtual reality titles.

Microsoft claims that the Xbox "Scorpio" will be the most powerful console ever produced. The console's specs include capacity of 6teraflops and an 8-core CPU with more than 320+ GB/s memory width. These specs will allow the 4K games to run without sacrificing visuals and the high fidelity of virtual reality.

Microsoft has been clear about going further with Xbox "Scorpio," and improving further its already incredible specifications. Xbox "Scorpio," the latest version of Xbox, will arrive in 2017 just for the Christmas period.

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