The Warriors Coming To PlayStation Network On May 28

By Binu Paul , Updated May 23, 2013 11:14 AM EDT

Rockstar Games confirms that its 2005 action game The Warriors will arrive on the PlayStation Network next week on May 28.

The Warriors is based on the 1979 American cult-classic film of the same name and the game has achieved something of a cult status itself. The given date is for the North American launch and the game will be available a day later in Europe.

"Fresh off the back of our 2003 stealth thriller Manhunt launching on PlayStation Store last week, we've got another Rockstar Games PS2 Classic coming up for you to download to your PS3. Starting Tuesday, May 28, our latest PS2 Classics release on PlayStation Network lets you navigate the treacherous path home for that real live bunch from Coney, as The Warriors will be available to plaaaa-ay on PS3. Grab it from the PlayStation Store next week for $9.99," the publisher says in a statement on the PlayStation Blog.

Players take the role of the leader of a gang fighting through the streets of New York to take control of the street in a dystopian future.

The Warriors joins the growing league of many other PS2-era Rockstar Games titles including Red Dead Revolver, Bully, and multiplayer Grand Theft Auto and Midnight Club games in addition to Manhunt coming on to the PlayStation Network.

Watch an original trailer for the game below:

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