Injustice: Batgirl DLC: What You Need To Know

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 24, 2013 09:36 AM EDT

Still hungry for more Bat-action after playing around with the likes of Batman, Nightwing, and Catwoman in Injustice?

Fortunately for devoted Bat-heads everywhere, Batgirl has just joined the cast of the popular DC brawler as the latest piece of downloadable content.

Barbara Gordon, or simply Batgirl, can currently be purchased on Xbox Live or Playstation Network for $4.99, while those who purchased the $14.99 season pass will automatically receive access to the character.

Is Babs worth your time and money? It all depends on how you like to play

As her trailer suggests, Batgirl is a fast rush down character with a bevy of options for all situations. Her attack strings allow players to confuse opponents on which direction they should be blocking, and her combo possibilities can lead to some serious damage.

Barbara has some of the most entertaining special moves in the game, all of which are key tools to use in battle. The "Smoke Bomb" attack allows for a quick teleport that leads to a grab, making it a deadly move for opponents who rely a bit too much on launching projectiles. Her "Flying Bat" is a big source of damage in combos, as one simple input leads to a devastating flurry of attacks that can be modified by the player as they play out. "Bab's Bola" is another key move, as it traps the opponent in wire, leaving them succeptible to all types of follow up combos. These are just a few of the dangerous weapons in Barbara's arsenal, and fans will delight in experimenting with her wide range of tools.

Batgirl's super attack consists of her latching her opponent to the ground via a rubber pulley, pulling them high in the air, and letting them drop like a tense rubber band hitting the asphalt. In addition to being supremely entertaining, Batgirl's super is one of the few that can be done mid-air, making it a great tool against opponents who love to jump.

All-in-all, Batgirl fits the Injustice fighting engine like a glove, and plays differently enough from batman to warrant a purchase. If you like fast, acrobatic characters with an endless arrays of gadgets, Barbara is certainly worth a spot on your console. 

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