Warhammer Quest Launching For iOS Next Week

By Brittany Gehrett , Updated May 24, 2013 12:54 PM EDT

Warhammer Quest, by Rodeo Games, is set to launch on Thursday, May 30th for iOS. After two years of development, this is the first time the adventure game will be released as a mobile app.

Based on the 1995 board game, the newly developed app takes place in dungeons of the Old World. A team of warriors including a Barbarian, Wizard, Elf and Dwarf work together to conquer numerous monsters on their quest acquire treasure and power along the way, contributing to the development of the Warriors. With just a few quick taps of the screen, you can control all four warriors at once. There are hundreds of items to be collected and you'll want to do your best to protect all four characters, because if one of them dies, there is no bringing them back.

"All our passion is being channeled into this game, which I'm sure fans will recognize and respond to!" says Ben Murch, Rodeo Games Creative Director, in a release.

"The guys at Rodeo are not only extremely talented developers with a great track record of successful iOS games in their Hunters franchise, but are also huge Warhammer fans," adds Jon Gillard, Games Workshop's Head of Licensing. "This powerful combination is creating a fantastic translation of this beloved game, as well as making it thoroughly enjoyable working with them."

The game is expected to supply between 25 and 30 hours of playing time before the game is completed and will cost $4.99.

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