Apple iPhone 6 & 6s Battery Shutdown Problem: China Consumer Agency Takes Up Complaints

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 17, 2016 02:53 AM EST

After Samsung's disastrous year caused by the Note 7 and S7's exploding battery; A new issue regarding the battery of mobile devices has just been raised by The China Consumers Association. A considerable number of complaints by users of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s has been raised by China's consumer agency.

Apple iPhone Battery Shutdowns: Phone Involuntarily Shuts Down

In a report from NBC News, owners of the iPhone 6 and 6s have reported their phones to involuntarily shut off. Many of the users have complained that the phone suddenly shuts down despite having  a 50 to 60 percent battery level. Others have noted the phone suddenly shutting down in colder environments.

China's consumer agency has raised the issue with Apple. The country is one of the iPhone's biggest markets. In statement released by the agency on its website; China has a considerable number of users and the number of people that reported the problem has caught their attention.

As of the moment, Apple has not yet responded to the issue. Reuters speculated that the phone would not even turn on despite constant charging, and users of the phone are getting frustrated with the situation. Apple has to bat an eye in the issue or else they would lose a big chunk of their market shares.

Apple iPhone Battery Shutdowns: The iPhone Could Suffer A Major Setback

Following the announcements of President-Elect Donald Trump. Sales of the famous smartphone could get into a rapid decline, it was noted that the feisty businessman turned president of the U.S. will impose high tariffs on China's imports. China responded with a statement that "Apple might suffer a setback".

It was noted a couple of months ago that Samsung announced a Global recall of their Note 7 and S7 units because of faulty batteries that explode and cause fire. Samsung is one of Apple's fiercest rivals.

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