'Rick & Morty' Season 3 Air Date, News & Update: Third Season Delayed, Series Might Be Facing Cancellation

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 16, 2016 11:26 PM EST

The third season of Cartoon Network's animated series "Rick and Morty" is delayed until 2017. Rumor has it that the next season of the animated series will come in December of this year but there is no confirmation on this matter.

"Rick and Morty" originally aired on December 2, 2013 for its first season which was followed by its second season on July 26, 2015, in an almost two-year gap. The series' third season has still no official air date as of now.

There are several reasons why Cartoon Network's "Rick and Morty" season 3 won't arrive in December this year. First and foremost, the animated series has no official promotion. Less than a month from the rumored premier date in December, it can be expected that there's no production group would decide to launch a show with the least amount of time to promote the series.

Although the script for "Rick and Morty" season 3 has already been confirmed done, the animation is still in the making. Recently in September, writers Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe revealed that they were only waiting for their script to be sent back in their partner animation studio, Bardel Entertainment.

A few weeks after the Carbiener and Rosbe announcement, reports confirmed that the half of the animation was already done. Dan Harmon, the co-creator, announced that the "Rick and Morty" season 3 is comprised of 14 episodes. Out of the 14 episodes, seven episodes of the third season are still in production and it is nearly impossible to complete the series until December.

The cartoon series "Rick and Morty" were based on an animated parody of the 1985 science fiction movie "Back to The Future." The story follows the misadventures of the mad and alcoholic scientist Rick and his easily influenced grandson Morty, who split their time between domestic family life and interdimensional adventures.

The "Rick and Morty" series gained fans and viewers worlwide. The series also garnered positive reviews, hence, there are no reasons to cancel the show. The third season of the show is expected to be completed and released in 2017.

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