'Grand Theft Auto V' Latest News & Update: New Deadline Mode Brings Tron-Style Matches to 'GTA V Online'! More Gameplay Details Revealed

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Nov 17, 2016 08:47 AM EST

"Grand Theft Auto V" had just recently received a new update, which included a new bike, discount points, and a new "Grand Theft Auto V Online" mode. We now take a closer look at the new "Deadline Mode" and see how things go in the updated "Grand Theft Auto V."

Many reviewers have praised the new Deadline Mode in the "Grand Theft Auto V" update as totally reshaping the landscape of the hit racing video game. This mode has been one of the most significant updates that dawned the franchise in recent years.

The new bike included in the "Grand Theft Auto V" update called Nagasaki Shotaro, could be used in Tron-style matches. Players also have the option to unlock the Nagasaki T-Shirt, racing clothes, and other bonuses through the Deadline Mode.

What excites players most about the new "Grand Theft Auto V Online" Deadline Mode is its gameplay mechanics. Players must constantly move forward without stopping. Once a gamer stops their vehicle, they will then explode. This would be a great way to exhibit the player's talent by boasting off their accuracy and decision making.

The Deadline mode in "Grand Theft Auto V Online" also allows up to four players to compete against each other. The games then follow a style similar to "Tron." This means that the Nagasaki Shotaro bikes used in this mode would be living light trails and those who fall on these would immediately explode. However, "Grand Theft Auto V" gives the players the option to hop over the players and their light trails.

Fans of "Grand Theft Auto V" have generally received the update well, praising the Deadline Mode, complete with the "Tron" inspired gameplay and style. Some fans even call it the best online racing mode developed by Rockstar Games. However, do take note that the new Nagasaki Shotaro bike costs around $2,225,000. The gamers also have to play Deadline Mode for quite a while before even unlocking the bike.

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