‘Civilization 6’ Latest News & Update: More DLCs Coming Soon? Game Holds 2 Billion People? Some Improvements Still To Be Made? [REVIEW]

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 17, 2016 09:16 AM EST

"Civilization 6" is apparently becoming a pandemic title since its launch a few weeks back. As early as now, multiple reviews have plagued the web, making quite the impact for those who wish to trek the game deeper if they have not already.

One of the most intriguing and clever talks that went viral recently about "Civilization 6" is the creation of a gargantuan megalopolis, which dons unbelievable numbers. These numbers point particularly to a massive population that one certain user pulled off, apparently causing a stir in the community of its players.

According to a Reddit post, one particular user known as Procblocked showed how this said massive terrain was built. What the said player did was to disable a custom game's victory conditions, while directing all potential work on the expansion of the capital itself. Numbers-wise, as mentioned earlier, the said creation of was able to generate the population of 200 in Civ's values which equals to 2.7 billion people. It is also worth noting that it does not involve any cheats or mods to create the "Civilization 6" settlement.

Previous reviews also depict how "Civilization 6" allows rapid progression in multiple aspects, but that does not mean a pleasant experience is all there is to it. Attributes such as the Adjacency bonus, proper stashing of amenities and proper involvement of religion is said to make quite the difference if not entirely different. Nevertheless, "Civilization VI" is commended on being one of the most highly-appraisable titles to date.

Overall, Firaxis and 2K Games' "Civilization 6" has not shown much signs of weakness just yet, as many may agree. A few factors that may make it not as appealing are still expected to change through the course of time, and fans are urged to hang on for such in the near future. Fans are also expecting the best improvements for the coming downloadable contents, especially for the last release.

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