'Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67 Spoilers: Trunks Kills Zamasu’s Physical Body; Zamasu Spirit Much Stronger

By Allan O , Updated Nov 17, 2016 09:10 AM EST

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 67 entitled “Fill Your Heart with New Hope!! Farewell, Trunks” and as the episode suggest, something not good could happen to Trunks towards the end of the episode. According to the leaked teaser for episode 67, it will be Trunks who gives the final blow to Zamasu that leads to his ultimate death.

The death of Zamasu means Goku and Vegeta no longer needs to sacrifice themselves just to keep Vegito up and fighting Zamasu. Everyone already knows that the longer they keep the fusion up, the more risk they are putting in their lives. If their power is overused with the fusion, it will kill them both.

As Trunks gave his powerful hit on Zamasu, it sliced his body into two, instantly killing him. But what everyone didn’t know is that they have just unleashed a more powerful and undefeatable being in the spirit of Zamasu. Without his physical body, there is no guarantee that any of Trunk’s strikes will even hurt Zamasu in any way.

An elemental being started to appear. At this point, it is expected that Zamasu will make his revenge on Trunks by ending his life. This could have caught Trunks off guard and with just one powerful strike could have ended his life. Goku and Vegeta could not do anything but watch as everything happened too fast and unexpected.

The only being that can save Goku, his gang and Earth is the help of a much stronger being like the Omni King. It can be remembered that Omni King told Goku that he is only one call away whenever he needs help. With Trunks killed, it is definitely the right time to call for his help or more people will sacrifice their lives.

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