'Super Mario' Run: The First Nintendo Game To Arrive In iOS; Android to Follow?

By Allan O , Updated Nov 17, 2016 09:12 AM EST

Excitement continues to rise over the upcoming launch of "Super Mario Run", the first official Nintendo game that may be played on an iOS device. It’s also excitement that Apple hasn’t hesitated to feed, with one page devoted entirely to the game on its iTunes store.

Anyone doubting the possible success of Nintendo’s upcoming "Super Mario Run" game should only look at "Pokemon GO" tremendously impressive figures. Although created by Niantic, Pokemon Go has its roots in Pokemon, which has long been identified with the Nintendo platform. The Apple launch of Super Mario Run comes with numerous possibilities especially for long-time fans of the franchise but have not been found themselves buying a 3DS or Wii U.

Various reports have tagged "Super Mario Run" as a holiday title, based on a press release statement from Nintendo itself. According to its maker, the game is slated for a December release but no specified date or any additional information has been provided.

Game industry analysts believe that the release of "Super Mario Run" will not be any different from other mobile games in the sense that not much fanfare can be expected beyond a notification sent out by Apple’s App Store upon its launch. Even "Pokemon GO" has a similar launch, with players only discovering its availability for download when the game suddenly showed up on the App Store.

Compared to "Pokemon GO", Nintendo has played a more involved role in the development of "Super Mario Run". This doesn’t come as any surprise however as Nintendo doesn’t actually own any major stakes in the former game or even in Niantic. Super Mario, however, is a whole different league. Everyone’s favorite cap-and-jumper-wearing hero has long been considered as the company’s flagship character, and for this reason alone various reports have predicted a profitable launch for the game.

Although a few reports suggest that "Super Mario Run" will be exclusively available to iOS, majority believe that an Android launch will follow right after.

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