'Black Mirror' Season 4 To Feature 'The Entire History Of You' Remake Ahead Of Robert Downey Jr. Film Version?

By Belle Smith , Updated Nov 17, 2016 03:10 PM EST

Netflix had the right idea when they took on Charlie Brooker's "Black Mirror" and developed a stunning third season. But is it possible that "Black Mirror" Season 4 will feature a remake of the first season's "The Entire History Of You" despite Robert Downey Jr. purchasing the rights to produce a film version?

"The Entire History Of You" was undoubtedly one of the best episodes of "Black Mirror" when the series still aired on Channel 4. Could a remake of the episode become a part of "Black Mirror" Season 4 next year?

Robert Downey Jr. Acquires Film Rights To 'Black Mirror' Episode 'The Entire History Of You'

Back in 2013, the "Avengers: Infinity War" actor bought the film rights for the "Black Mirror" episode that starred Toby Kebbel (via Digital Spy). Robert Downey Jr. reportedly loved the episode so much that he wanted to produce a movie based on the futuristic storyline. But is it possible that "Black Mirror" Season 4 will reboot "The Entire History Of You" before Downey releases the film?

"The Entire History Of You" takes place in the not-so-distant future where everything is recorded (similar to the third season's "Nosedive"). It is certainly a timely story that could work well for "Black Mirror" Season 4. There are speculations that Netflix might be working on a deal with Robert Downey Jr. so the network can work on the remake themselves.

Is Netflix Negotiating With Robert Downey Jr. To Produce 'The Entire History Of You' Remake For 'Black Mirror' Season 4?

It certainly has been a long wait for the film version of "The Entire History Of You" and Netflix might be feeling the need to produce the remake for "Black Mirror" Season 4. Some believe that the network wants to do it so bad that Robert Downey Jr. is being contacted to procure the movie rights.

There is no confirmation yet whether a remake of "The Entire History Of You" will be featured in "Black Mirror" Season 4. The series is expected to return on Netflix by fall 2017.

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