‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: AR Players Getting Ready To Clash Clans In Gen 2

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 17, 2016 05:27 PM EST

Niantic is unveiling something big this weekend for “Pokemon Go” players though the in-game event will be limited to Japanese regions. Headlining the event will be the expected rampant spawn of Lapras, a move that is believed to be the augmented reality company’s way of helping spur up tourism for the country that got hit by an unfortunate Tsunami back in 2011.

Much of this was covered in a previous post, where areas such as Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture will be the focus. The spawn rates for Lapras has increased recently and many “Pokemon Go” players are taking advantage.

Moving forward, there are of course plenty more to look forward to on “Pokemon Go”. There is the trading feature which should aid players in managing their inventory packs better and the curious PvP battles.

In a previous report, “Pokemon Go” players will eventually get to challenge other players with their chosen pocket monster. Tying that up with the upcoming critters on Gen 2, that should spur up some interest for people in search of the worthy Pokemon to use and build up.

Aside from Lapras, other mentioned Pokemon appearing include Tyranitar who could be out by December on "Pokemon Go". With a max combat stat of 3,654, this god-tier critter is bound to be someone most would want if he is indeed being rolled out, BGR reported.

Niantic has yet to confirm these rumors, meaning it would be best to keep an open mind on what the “Pokemon Go” gen 2 update truly brings. There are a lot to digest thanks to the various rumors coming out left and right, some of which may come true and others probably not.

Right now, all eyes are on Nov. 23 in Japan and then the Thanksgiving season which could come out with a special event. More goodies and spawns could occur so keep on playing “Pokemon Go” and see what Niantic has to offer this time.

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