‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Did Niantic Tweak The Spawns With Weaker IV In Game?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 17, 2016 08:37 PM EST

Niantic continues its generous roll out of “Pokemon Go” critters though some players have noticed something different. This has to do with the weaker ‘individual values’ (IV) which makes the popping pocket monsters less helpful when one thinks about the battles ahead.

With that said, some “Pokemon Go” players have been doing the necessary checking before spending their hard-earned candies. With weaker IVs, those “Pokemon Go” candies may eventually go to waste when evolving some creatures that may not make sense.

Some folks over at Reddit have shared their encounters, coming across wild “Pokemon Go” creatures but with low stats. The thing here is that there is no telling if the chanced pocket monsters with low IVs are just a coincidence or limited to certain regions. Just the same, players would do best to go over their catch first before doing the necessary evolutions.

Niantic has not given any explanation on the matter. Of course, it may not need any on their end seeing that everything is done at random. More spawns are expected because of the holidays, a move influenced by the success of their Halloween in-game event.

But the bottom line here is the proper management of “Pokemon Go” candies, something that many are finding difficult to collect and stock up. The new Buddy System is a good way to get them though everyone knows that the returns are not plentiful, as mentioned in a previous post.

As far as “Pokemon Go” capturing, some may want to decide wisely on which monsters they go after. There are may likely to have evolved out some critters with power ups the only reason for capturing the common ones springing out.

The decision on that will need close scrutiny especially with belief that more “Pokemon Go” monsters are expected to come out in upcoming updates. Niantic is expected to roll out more, particularly during Christmas time.

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