‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Has Niantic Tweaked PokeStop Returns? More Details Found Here

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 17, 2016 08:41 PM EST

A lot of “Pokemon Go” players are understandably hung over from the Halloween season for the augmented reality game, particularly the goodie payouts when one came across PokeStops. With the season of the spooks over, some have returned to their normal releases. Or have they?

Some “Pokemon Go” players reason out that there has been a big decline on the stuff one can get from PokeStops via Reddit. Some get only around two PokeBalls and potions, probably more. Depending on how long one has played the game, it seems normal.

The payouts at PokeStops differ, some returning more than three items. For new “Pokemon Go” players the change could be something new and lead them to believe that Niantic has purposely limited that items are given that there is no special occasion to be generous.

Things could change next week thought with Thanksgiving coming up. Most are aware of the rumors that Niantic will be giving "Pokemon Go" players treats when special holiday occasions come up so the coming week should be interesting.

New “Pokemon Go” spawns could come out, hopefully, better than the usual ones coming out as of to date. Rattatas, Spearows, Fearows and Jigglypuffs commonly coming out as we speak. More could be out by next week though most are praying that it would be the rares that have been hard to spot.

Ditto has been mentioned to come out in "Pokemon Go" though there is no confirmation as of yet. The best bet for rares like this Pokemon to come out may be December, right in time for the Yuletide season, as mentioned in a previous post.

As an explanation to the current claims of lesser rewards at PokeStops, it may be a coincidence or a matter of being hung over from the Halloween events. Things could change next week so keep an eye out – particularly once Nov. 23 nears.

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