'The Last of Us 2' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Planned Sequel Reveal In 2017!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 18, 2016 07:45 AM EST

Players feel like the ending of "The Last of Us" seem like a cliffhanger at some point because there has been no solution or cure to the infection that caused the problem from the beginning. Dedicated players are keeping their eyes and ears on the developers of the game to see some updates and announcements revolving around the game. Rumors around the internet are scattering around that talks about another upcoming sequel that may be released this year or in 2017 following the previous title, which is "The Last of Us 2".

What will be the storyline in the rumored sequel?

"The Last of Us 2" may contain the storyline about the both protagonists, Ellie and Joel, looking for the cure for the virus and end the infection once and for all or Ellie's life that will reveal and unlock the mystery behind everything. It could be Tommy, Joel's brother that will play an important role in the sequel that will lead to twists and revelations as said in this report from CinemaBlend. In the same report, there might be new characters and a change in pace.

By changing in pace, this means that the game will really change in a huge way. Some rumors on the internet even mentioned putting another genre in "The Last of Us 2" such as sci-fi and fantasy. However, regarding the sci-fi might be explanatory based on the infection and its scientific reasons. But, this might be an another clue to a theory from how the virus may be countered. In addition to the theories and rumors, the game is said to be released for the PS4 in the future or better consoles that will still be released.

Rumors about a movie?

In another post from IGN, Sam Raimi, the director of "The Grudge" movie, currently is the producer of the rumored movie "Last of Us". However, this will be delayed because of other movies still needs finishing. "The Last of Us 2" will be awaited and hopefully, players who have experienced the first game will be waiting for something. As always, expectations makes everyone a fool. That is why waiting unexpectedly will make sure no disappointment will brew later on.

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