GTA IV Mod: Iron Man Causes Mayhem In Liberty City

By James Dohnert , Updated May 28, 2013 04:13 PM EDT

Mod creator H1Vltg3's Grand Theft Auto IV mod is a boon for Marvel fans. His Iron Man mod lets players traverse Liberty City as the popular comic book character. Players fly, shoot replusor rays and blast chest beams just like Tony Stark.

The mod has been out for five months but a new video shows off enhancements to the script that make it even more compelling. Updates include improved sounds effects and graphics. The video was first spotted on Youtube by Kotaku. Taltigolt's Youtube video shows off the Iron Man suit as it leads a high flying police chase across Liberty City. Full of helicopter chases and super strength bus tossing, the video is a good demonstration of all the perks featured in the mod.

Mods for GTA IV have been churned out with regularity since the game launched in 2008. Along with the Iron Man mod, DC characters have also joined in on the Liberty City fun. The Batman mod was released last month. Essentially a re-skinned version of the Iron Man mod it saw Batman ditch Gotham to go evil in Liberty City.

Modders have also put together Star Wars and Back to the Future themed mods since GTA IV's release. The Star Wars mod sees gamers take to flight with a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter. While the Back to the Future mod lets players get behind the wheel of a time traveling Delorean. Those interested in the mods can check them all out at

GTA IV is reaching the end of its lifespan. Rockstar Games has announced the fifth game in the series will launch late this year. GTA V will feature three new characters causing trouble for the police department of Los Santos. Early reports peg the game as also having unique vehicles such as submarines.

The Iron Man series also just introduced its latest film in the franchise. Iron Man 3 saw the series return to form after a critically derided sequel. The Shane Black directed super hero film proved popular with audiences earning over $175 million during its opening weekend run.

See the mod in action below.

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