Dedicated Gamer Finds New Final Fantasy IX Quest, 13 Years After Release

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 29, 2013 09:06 AM EDT

Released back in 2000 for the Playstation, SquareSoft's Final Fantasy IX is one of the best-selling and most universally loved installments of the famous Japanese RPG franchise. Each game in the series is still played frequently by the legions of Final Fantasy fans around the world, and one dedicated adventurer was able to find an all-new quest in the ninth installment of the game.

YouTube user GarlandTheGreat recently uploaded a video showing off the previously undiscovered quest, titled "The Lost Nero Family." The extra mission is all the way on disc 4, and the uploader provided detailed, explicit instructions on how to achieve the mystical quest.

We're not sure if Square planned on this part of the game taking 13 years to unlock, but the conditions that have to be met would suggest so. According to the user, obtaining the quest involved revisiting a specific location seven times in addition to a few other obscure tasks.

"New things are discovered in old games all the time, but it's usually glitches or obscure tricks," says GarlandTheGreat in the description. "This time, we got a whole new side quest, a treasure chest and seven characters! Needless to say, my mind is blown."

This new discovery will likely have old-school Final Fantasy diehards scouring through their game discs for "The Lost Nero Family." In a day and age where DLC is usually announced before a game even launches, it's refreshing to hear about new content being found in a game 13 years after release. Are you going to break out your copy of the game and try to find the quest?

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